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Vero Beach FL
THANKS VERY MUCH!!! I was in Crestview for work and my car stalled in traffic. It started back up and then did it again Tuesday night out at the Navy base. Check Engine light came on. (not the kind of thing i wanted on my 500 mile return trip home!!! I called before Profast opened and Kevin answered. I explained the problem and he "no problem.". I stopped 2 doors down at Pepboys and got a crank position sensor, brought it to Kevin and the guys at Profast, they put my car in and the part installed and I was back on the road in about an hour. MANY thanks to Kevin and Jeremy and the crew. You guys sure helped me out! OUTSTANDING service and VERY REASONABLE.
Ed Miller
Enterprise, Al
Hi Bert, I want to thank you for the outstanding service you and your team have provided me over the years . Even though we moved to Enterprise, Alabama two years ago I still bring my truck back to Pensacola to have it serviced and repaired.I have always been comfortable bringing my vehicles to you
Ellen T.
I went to Pro Fast today to get my oil changed and my husband said I needed my tires rotated.
He said I should be there over 2 hours, but even though they were busy with several cars in the shop, they got me in and out in less than an hour.
Elliot H.
Pensacola Fl
My family and I have been taking our cars to Pro Fast for a few years now just for basic tuneups and oil changes and we have always come away pleased. This last visit to them was the true test. I had been experiencing issues with my car's air conditioner for quite some time. Numerous trips to the dealership and all that the dealership was able to tell me was that they were unable to duplicate the symptoms and later on in the visits that this was a known and common issue with the system, but still did nothing but send me on my way. So, I decided to let the repairmen at Pro Fast diagnose and later fix my system. I left it there for them to troubleshoot and the techs said that they had narrowed it down but wanted to wait and verify that it was either a sensor valve or the compressor. Unfortunately it turned out to be the compressor but by this time I was ready to rip the system out myself so I told them to go ahead change it. The head tech in charge, Jeremy, was very helpful in the whole process and was able to tell me what the issue was after diagnosing the system. I had purchased an extended warranty on the car and it turns out that the plan provider and Pro Fast have a good reputation together. All in all, I was without my car for two days, but I had a brand new air compressor, my extended warranty covered the parts and labor, and the only thing I payed was the sales tax and a very low facility fee. I am now very pleased with my A/C system that is blowing ice cold air. This last visit assured me that I will be going to Pro Fast for all of my car needs for the next couple of years. Thanks & job well done guys.
Wesley G
Pensacola, Fl
I have been going to Profast Auto Centers for nearly three years and every time they have been straight forward, honest, and always helpful. All of the technicians that work for Profast are confident in their work and have always been able to diagnose the issue. Never once were they rude to me or any other costumer who was sharing the waiting room with me! On several occasions the guys have stayed late just to get me back on the road and they did it without so much as a comment or complaint. I would and have gladly recommended friends take their cars to Profast. They do everything they can to get the job done safely and at the best price they can.
James B.
I went to Profast for the first time this past week to get an oil change and was in a hurry. The technician was very curteous and got me in and out quickly and the price was very reasonable.
Curtis M.
I have been using profast for years. They are great. I have never had them quote me a high price and yes I shop around because money is tight. I don't know why other people have had poor experiences but mine have been great. Will continue to get my truck and my wifes truck serviced there for years to come.